Washington Auto Show wows with (literal) toys and test drives


The largest public auto show in DC took place at the Convention Center through April 14th. Image credit: Don Wilson

by Andrew Jones

Through April 14th, at the Washington Convention Center, the Washington Auto Show brought hundreds of vehicles, from over 35 manufacturers, to engage auto enthusiasts who came from miles around to see the production, concept, luxury, electric, hybrid, exotic and historic cars that covered 750,000 square feet of floor space.

The largest public show in Washington DC, this year’s Auto Show featured a couple of all-new experiences that wowed crowds.

A concept car at the Washington Auto Show. Image credit: Don Wilson

An exciting new Electric Drive Experience, Presented by EZ-EV and Exelon, featured indoor and outdoor ride and drives.  All participating vehicles, including Kias, Hyundais, Nissans, Volkswagens, and Audis were available for indoor rides, and several were available for a street ride just outside the convention center.

Camp Jeep returned with an added all-new off-road obstacle course that was exceptionally popular. Show attendees had the opportunity to ride in 2019 Jeep flagship vehicles.

Camp Jeep was among the featured experiences at this year’s auto show. Image credit: Don Wilson

The Jaguar Land Rover Test Drive Experience also showcased a completely re-designed courses, inviting guests to take a Land-Rover over steep inclines and dirt mounds, or opt for a bit more speed on the Jaguar street course.

In addition to the luxury and concept vehicles, a Chevy Silverado made entirely of LEGO bricks stopped attendees in their tracks. Made of 334,544 bricks, taking 18 builders some 2,000 hours to create, it was a sight to see!

Celebrity, athlete and guest appearances also happened regularly throughout the two day event, though, as always, the vehicles were the stars of the show. 

A Chevy Silverado made entirely of LEGO bricks! Image credit Don Wilson