Viewpoint: Vouchers ensure better education and improve choices


Dear Editor:

While Palisades residents are working hard to get the historic Rose Lees Hardy Elementary School back in the hands of DCPS, our Congressional Delegate is trying to yank school vouchers from the hands of kids who don’t have public schools like Key and Mann in their communities.  Vouchers help ensure some students get a better education and improve choices for their future.

The voucher program has been a success so it doesn’t make sense to shut it down.  With 1M immigrants anticipated nationwide this year alone, it is clear the city’s schools will be affected and resident children at risk will be even more at risk.  If there is an option to help break the cycle of poverty and ignorance, the intended outcome of the voucher program, then the city’s leadership should be advocating for an increase in the voucher program.

Alma Gates, Palisades