The Mike O’Meara Show: Three men discussing pop culture and cracking jokes

The Mike O'Meara Show. Mike O’Meara (left) talking to Robb Spewak (right). Photo courtesy of Tadi Abedje.
The Mike O'Meara Show. Mike O’Meara (left) talking to Robb Spewak (right). Photo courtesy of Tadi Abedje.

By: Tadi Abedje

There are people around the D.C. area who have daily routines in the morning. First, they take a shower, shave, put on their suits or dresses, and have coffee or breakfast. Additionally, some people listen to the radio for news, sports, and weather. Some even listen to talk shows that mimic regular conversations with friends and families.

One radio show people can rely on and listen to is The Mike O’Meara Show, a daily radio show that discusses real life and pop culture. Furthermore, the show keeps people entertained from the realities of life. The show’s hosts include its namesake, Mike O’Meara, Robb Spewak, and Oscar Santana.

Beginning as a terrestrial radio show in 2008 on WJFK, the show was a spinoff of the Don and Mike Show, which aired for over 22 years. When CBS decided to switch to sports on WJFK, the show left the air, taking a short hiatus. Afterwards, Oscar Santana joined the show. The Mike O’Meara podcast kicked off in Mike’s living room on December 7, 2009.

Accessible on the show’s website, phone app, and on iTunes and YouTube, the show begins at 9:00 a.m. at Podcast Village Studios on Wisconsin Avenue.  

“I describe The Mike O’Meara Show as three guys going after each other,” O’Meara said.

“That’s how I describe our show because that’s what it is. It’s three totally different human beings from different backgrounds. The common thread is that we respect each other and we love to pick on each other. We have a lot of fun doing it and this show took off when it whittled down to the three of us. We can say anything to one another and we move on and it’s a lot of fun. You never know what’s really going to happen.”

Moreover, O’Meara said the great part of this show is when the unexpected happens. The show never ends on a boring note. And The Mike O’Meara Show has a strong presence on social media.

“Without Facebook and other social media platforms, we won’t be as engaged with our audience because they’re able to reach out to us and we reach out to them. We launched the show really based on Facebook, “ Robb Spewak said.

In a way to engage with their audience, they found ways to be creative. “We make sure we’re available on all platforms. We give the them the opportunity to listen to the show live,” Santana explains.

“We are on all major platforms from Stitcher to Spotify to any app that has a podcast including Playapod. The easiest way to engage with listeners is by putting out content all the time. We don’t take days off. And when we do, we have fresh, new ‘best-of’ segments.”

According to O’Meara, this show is a delight and a beautiful escape from the daily grind of life. People can have some sense of joy listening to the hosts joking with each other on The Mike O’Meara Show.