Staff Editorial: Thank you Mr. Kain

The Northwest Current's June 28, 2017, front page included a photo of a ukulele lesson that Middle C Music presented at the Tenley-Friendship Library.

Residents of Northwest Washington were very fortunate that Chris Kain was the managing editor of The Current Newspapers for the past 26 years.

Mr. Kain understood the importance of neighborhood news and realized that to offer it, it was necessary to have five different editions to insure that residents could get news of their immediate areas. To do it, he spent many more hours than most people would to proofread stories and make sure our advisory neighborhood commissions were all properly covered. This was and is particularly important since other media outlets do not regularly cover the commissions or the area’s residential and business associations. He also laid out the paper.

Mr. Kain was also insistent on fairness. He made certain that points of view expressed by a protagonist were more than adequately matched by those who had a different point of view. When the paper had an editorial and it received a letter from someone who disagreed with it, that letter was given preference over letters that agreed with the editorial’s position.

We are very thankful that Mr. Kain served with us for such a long time and we hope his future endeavors are truly satisfying to him.