Shepherd Park is proud of its tree-lined streets, green spaces and homes. Maintenance is an important aspect of continuing to have a welcoming neighborhood.

Advisory neighborhood commissioner Stacey Lincoln, Phillip McAuley of the mayor’s office and Donise Jackson of the D.C. Department of Transportation did a walk-through of the community on Friday to check out areas of concern raised by residents. They found sidewalks in poor repair, overgrown parcels of land, water runoff areas, alleys in need of cleanup and repair, streets without sufficient lighting, and confusing street signage. All were noted and listed for service. Mr. Lincoln will follow up on a regular basis. The community appreciates this responsiveness to residents’ concerns.

Now for our work! Leaf collection begins the second week in November and continues through mid-January. The D.C. Department of Public Works has not posted specific dates for this service.

Following the schedule for the last few years, leaf collection for Shepherd Park, Colonial Village, and North Portal Estates west of 16th Street will be the week of Nov. 6 through 10 and the area east of 16th Street will be the week of Nov. 20 through 24. Residents should rake leaves and put them in the tree boxes loose or in paper bags on the Sunday just before pickup. Please do not put them in the street or add limbs or other yard debris. Also think about spreading the leaves over your yard and mowing them in to nourish the area, or composting the leaves along with yard and appropriate food waste.

Enrichment of the spirit is an important tool for maintenance of health and wellness. Last weekend the “Artists Femina” group show celebrating women artists from the D.C. area and beyond opened at Zenith Gallery at 1429 Iris St. NW in our neighborhood. Using multiple art media, the works from the paper collages of Katharine Owens to the arctic landscapes of Nancy Nesvet to the steel and glass sculptures of Julie Girardini captured the eye and spoke to global socio-political themes from a feminine sense of emotion and perspective. The gallery is open Wednesday through Saturday from noon to 6 p.m.

— June Confer