Shepherd Park Citizens Association: March 7, 2018

The John A. Wilson Building at 1350 Pennsylvania Ave. NW holds the offices for the mayor and D.C. Council. (photo courtesy of Josh Gibson)

March 20 is a very important day for Shepherd Park residents and those across the city. It is hoped that the D.C. Council’s planned meeting on the D.C. Comprehensive Plan at the Wilson Building will be standing room only, with citizens ready to express their views on the way the Office of Planning has not heard or responded to their concerns with the plan.

Most citizens want development throughout the city, but they want it to be reasonable and compatible with communities’ needs and wishes. They do not want any neighborhood or its residents to be adversely affected by overdevelopment or gentrification.

Our association has sent representatives to talk with council members and officials in the Office of Planning, held study sessions to go over the plan, held community meetings, submitted over 100 possible amendments, and called for written and spoken testimony for the March 20 meeting.

In order to be heard by the Council, register by calling 202-724-7130 or email

— June Confer