Shepherd Park Citizens Association: Aug. 23, 2017


Like most D.C. communities, Shepherd Park deals with the complexities of encouraging new businesses and integrating them into the neighborhood. Our proximity to Montgomery County, with its regulations regarding liquor licenses and hours of operation, has brought a number of new restaurants, bars and nightclubs to upper Georgia Avenue.

Our association has negotiated voluntary agreements with two area establishments, Champion’s Kitchen and Betty’s GoJo, both in the 7600 block of Georgia Avenue NW. Recently, there have been a number of complaints on the listserv, citing excessive noise, trash and even brawling in the alley behind these places. Last Wednesday in the early morning hours, police responded to a fight there.

Our association and our local advisory neighborhood commission, ANC 4A, are concerned but recognize the need for documentation of official complaints in order to move forward with discussions with the owners and the Alcoholic Beverage Regulation Administration regarding infractions and compliance with these agreements.

Two recent messages on the listserv have provided important information: Beth Allaben provided the link for the agreement with Betty’s GoJo and information regarding Champion’s Kitchen, and ANC 4A member Stacey Lincoln provided phone numbers for the Alcoholic Beverage Regulation Administration, along with instructions for registering a complaint. For online complaints, visit

Thanks to all who have worked to help the upper Georgia Avenue businesses contribute in positive ways to the Shepherd Park neighborhood.

— June Confer