School Dispatches: Sailing on the Sultana

Grade 4 students at St. Patrick’s Episcopal Day School went on a big adventure to Chestertown, Maryland to sail on the Sultana. Photo courtesy: Sultana Eduction Foundation

by Lauren Chappell, 4th Grade Student at St. Patrick’s Episcopal Day School

Grade 4 students at St. Patrick’s Episcopal Day School went on a big adventure to Chestertown, Maryland [earlier this Fall]. Chestertown is on the Chester River, which is located on the eastern shore of the Chesapeake Bay.

During our trip, we explored what life was like on the Sultana, a replica of a British Naval schooner from Colonial times. When we first got on the schooner, the crew took us out onto the river and showed us how to throw a net to catch fish! We caught many fish including white perch and catfish. While out on the water, we learned how to raise sails by tugging on ropes.

We raised four sails and then turned the motor off. The boat was then able to move because of the sails we raised.

One of the highlights of life on the Sultana was getting a chance to kiss a fish. Though the real Sultana crew probably never did this, we thought it was really exciting. Hopefully, the fish thought is was exciting too!

Next, we went below the deck to see how the sailors lived. Something I will never forget is how cruel the handling of injuries was in Colonial times. The instruments they used looked like sharper, bigger kitchen knives. They even used a strange corkscrew tool to remove teeth!

At the end of the trip, my classmates and I felt very lucky to have had the experience of being crew members on the Sultana.