School Dispatches: Publishing and a Spanish Music Performance


Maret Publishing Party 2018

Publishing Party!

by Meena Sudheendran’s First Grade Class at Maret School

Publishing Party is when you write a book, and a bunch of parents come to read it. When you start to write the book, you have to pick a topic, then you have to do the rough draft, and then you have to do the final draft. Publishing Party is on Friday, May 3. To be an expert means you must know a lot about a topic. So just say we are writing about camping—we have to know a lot about it. A rough draft is not the final one. You have to do a lot of editing. Green pen is for word wall. Purple pen is for capital letters. Blue pen is for spelling. You use the pens for editing. A dedication page is when you dedicate the book to anyone besides yourself. Dedication is when you give something to someone you love. Introduction page is when you say why you wanted to write about the topic. For final draft, you must use your best handwriting because the teachers are very picky. You use pencil when you are writing. You do your writing and then your illustrations. Then color your illustrations. Publishing Party is awesome! 


Spanish-Music Integration Performance

by Sheridan School Kindergartners

Senora Jimenez and Senora Garcia de Mendoza thought it would be cool for us to do a special project. We practiced the song in both Spanish and Music class. We watched a video of Los Pollitos in Spanish class. First we sang along with the video and then we learned it and sang it by ourselves. We had to practice over and over again to get it right. We played different kinds of instruments. We played the vibraslap, triangles, and guiros. We added some special dance moves at the end. It was really cool to be on stage. Everyone clapped at the end.