School Dispatches: May 10, 2017


Lafayette Elementary School

Spring has sprung! It’s in the air, and the Lafayette fourth- and fifth-graders were ready to dance on Friday, May 5, when the student council hosted Hollywood, The Red Carpet. The theme of the spring dance was voted on by both the student body and student council. All fourth- and fifth-graders were invited to the dance, which was held after school. The dance admission price was $5, and the students were entertained with music, a photo booth and a dance competition, along with a red carpet dress competition.The photo booth was an awesome addition to the dance and kept the party going.

The dancers (aka students) left with a dance souvenir and light snack bags. All students who purchased tickets also walked away with lanyards that emphasize that they are stars.

Jack Pagano, student council secretary, stated that the purpose of the spring dance was “to give students a more fun experience at school without interrupting the learning schedule and classes. The spring dance sprang from this idea.”

Those who attended the spring dance had a wonderful time. It was the last dance for the fifth-graders who will be promoted to sixth grade in ceremonies held on June 9.

— Finn Boyle, fifth-grader

Our Lady of Victory School

At Our Lady of Victory, seventh- and eighth-grade students began preparing for the sacrament of Confirmation at the beginning of the school year. Over the months, we participated in activities in class, meditations, a retreat and community service. When preparing for this sacrament, each candidate also met up with his or her sponsor to talk about Confirmation.

We each chose a saint to research and to use as our Confirmation name. We both selected Saint Francis of Assisi in honor of the current Pope Francis and our love for animals.

The night before we were confirmed, we all came to the church with our sponsors and played a game to help us prepare for questions that the bishop might ask us. Then we rehearsed our parts in the Mass and had the opportunity for Reconciliation.

On the day of Confirmation — Saturday, April 29 — we arrived to put on our red robes and take a picture with Bishop Dorsonville and the other priests. Finally the Mass started, and all of the confirmandi processed down the aisle. After the Gospel, the bishop asked for two volunteers to answer his questions. Once that was over, all candidates stood up and renewed their baptismal promises. Then everyone lined up with their sponsors to be anointed with the chrism. When the Mass was over, there was a small reception in Hess Auditorium.

Confirmation was a great experience, and we can’t wait to be someone else’s sponsor one day.

— Sofia W. and Laura F., eighth-graders

Sheridan School

Sheridan School has a class called Future Makers. In that class you get to build and learn stuff. Each day they bring new materials for you to use. We make a lot of stuff out of wire, like cars, and also people. We also use tape. We made some drawings on cardboard and cut them out. Now we are on to making racing car tracks. I think we will make them again next time. We put wheels on white cardboard, and some green and purple cups to make the cars. Mine looked like a police car. We put them on the track and made them run all the way down from the loft in our classroom.
We also have an engineering cart for kindergartners during center time, where you can make a boat, or anything you can think of.

The kindergarten and first and second grades each have a day to work at the maker cart during recess. The cart has rubber bands, glue sticks and electronic stuff like ivy lights. Those are lights that go on circle batteries. They light up when you attach them to the circle battery. You never know which color they will shine. The maker cart also has things for the third through eighth grades to use. Grownups can use it, too. On their side they have drills. We aren’t supposed to peek on that side because it’s not for us.

It is very fun to build stuff.

— Elliott Weis, kindergartner