School Dispatches: Learning through testing and competition

Sheridan kindergarteners test sleds down a ramp. Photo courtesy Sheridan School

Sheridan kindergarteners test sleds on a ramp

By Sheridan Kindergarteners

In kindergarten, we are using little sleds we made to test how far and how fast different materials go down a ramp.

First, we built our sleds. We worked with a partner to make plans and draw pictures. Then, we built the sleds. We built them out of mac n’ cheese boxes. We used glue to add paper, popsicle sticks, felt, straws, or foil to the boxes. Each group used just one material on their sled. We wanted to figure out which material would make the sled go the farthest.

Then, we made our classroom into a laboratory so we could test the sleds and measure how far they went. We put each sled at the top of a big cardboard tube. We added weights to make it heavier. Then, we let the sled go so it would go down the tube. Some of the sleds went far down onto the carpet. Some stayed on the tube. The foil sled went the farthest because it was the least bumpy. It was smooth and shiny. It did not have a lot of friction. The paper sled went far, too. It went far because it was flat and smooth. The straw sled and the popsicle stick sled also went pretty far. The felt sled went the slowest and the shortest distance. It stopped because it was too soft and fuzzy. It had too much friction.

We liked sharing ideas with our partners and testing our sleds. It was so much fun!


OLV girls basketball undefeated through championship

by Delaney J., Maia M., and Bridget O., Our Lady of Victory Eighth-Graders

Our Lady of Victory’s U14 girls’ season was undefeated all the way up to the championships. We heard we were playing Our Lady of Lourdes, which is a team we had already beaten, but it was still a hard match. The day of the championship, three OLV teams had already played, and they all lost. This made the pressure for the game much more intense.

The game started out rough. We were down a few baskets, and our shots were a little off. Despite the odds being against us at the end of the first quarter, we came back and were ahead. The second quarter started, and the game became even more intense. All of us were so nervous, and with the added competition and crowd, it was difficult to stay focused. As the game came to a close, we built up more momentum and settled down. We managed to scrape by with 3 points ahead despite the constant pressure from the other team.

At the end of the 4th quarter when the buzzer rang, it was real. We had won the championship! Everybody jumped out of their seat, and it was the loudest crowd that we have ever heard. Nothing could be better than this. Our team came running onto the court, and people were even crying. It was surreal. After we had won, we walked onto the court and received the championship trophy. By far it was the best day of our lives.