School Dispatches: June 21, 2017


Washington International School

On a hot Monday afternoon, the day before the eighth grade moving-up ceremony, 11 Washington International School eighth-graders traveled to the National Arboretum in Northeast. They weren’t studying trees or smelling flowers. They were taking photos.

This was one of six Legacy Projects. Students spent their day doing something creative — for example, writing a song, assembling pop-up books or making a video. The point of this activity was to use our last day before moving on to upper school to create something memorable.

At the National Arboretum students had an hour and a half to take interesting photos of the trees and plants. The best of these photos were shown at the beginning of the moving-up ceremony. The products from other Legacy Projects were also displayed or performed.

Out of the 67 students who walked across the stage to receive their certificates at graduation, 14 of them will be moving on to different schools, cities or countries. But, after participating in these Legacy Projects, every member of our rising ninth-grade class knows he or she has left some kind of mark on the middle school.

— Saul Pink, eighth-grader