School Dispatch: Sheridan School Artivism


Sheridan 7th graders combine art and activism. Image courtesy: Sheridan School

by: Sheridan 7th-graders Cassie Delinsky, Amelia Otte and Campbell McClellan

At Sheridan School, the 7th Graders have a class period called Co-curricular one or two times a week.  In the past, this period has been used for creating mini TED-talks and learning more about statistics.  This time we are combining art and activism to make a piece of art (Artivism) that brings awareness about a social justice issue that we feel passionate about.  This could mean anything from painting a picture of something to do with animal activism, to creating a 3D model of something that we are interested in fighting for. 

Amelia Otte, one member of the 7th grade class talked about how passionate the students are about this project. “I am doing a project where I and two others will write empowering quotes about feminism and put them around Maryland and D.C. for others to find. I am really enjoying this project since I get to combine my love of art with my very strong views about feminism. I’m interested in what people’s reactions will be when they find the quotes,” said Amelia.

We as a class hope to persuade others to fight for what they believe in by making something tangible.  If our community takes action, something will eventually change.  We hope to change our society for the better.  By doing this project, we will learn about how powerful change can be and how to work with our peers to create an outcome that could make a difference.