School Dispatch: Picture Book Projects


Sheridan School’s 8th Grade Art Class is working on picture book projects Photo credit: Sheridan School

by Sheridan School’s 8th Grade Art Class

Recently at Sheridan School, the eighth graders have been working on picture book projects. The goal of this project is for partnerships to produce a simple book, illustrated and written by students, that has a deep important message for younger children. To start the process, our class started reading mentor texts with our partners to identify key parts of a picture book. Once everyone had a clear understanding of picture books, each person individually came up with social/emotional ideas to be the meaning of the book. When partnerships agreed on one topic, they began their storyboard and art sample. From there, it was just work and productivity. This is a really unique opportunity for students because it allows us to show our creative side, but also learn how to communicate powerful information in few words. Overall, this project has been going super well, and our class is enthusiastic about our final pieces of work.