Racine issues guide for schools on immigrant students

Karl Racine was sworn in as the District's first elected attorney general in 2015. (Brian Kapur/The Current/January 2015)

D.C. Attorney General Karl Racine has released legal guidance for city schools to handle immigration issues affecting students and families.

The guidelines for teachers, staff and administrators at D.C. public schools and public charter schools aim to “ensure that every student can take advantage of all the opportunities education offers them without fear,” Racine says in the release.

The document in full is available at tinyurl.com/oag-schools-immigration. Key points include:

■ School personnel are not required to ask about the immigration status of their students or families.
■ It is illegal for schools to provide student information to immigration officials, unless required by a court order or authorized in writing by a parent, guardian or adult student.
■ Schools may require warrants before allowing law enforcement, including immigration agents, to enter school areas that are not open to the public.
■ Schools can develop resources to support immigrant students and families, such as providing “know-your-rights” information and providing referrals to organizations offering pro bono legal services.