Pet of the Week: Nov. 29, 2017

Wally is The Current’s pet of the week for Nov. 29, 2017. (photo courtesy of the Humane Rescue Alliance)

Wally is a gorgeous snow-white fellow who was rescued from the scary streets.

Though he was roaming around alone, he is a very friendly and sociable kind of guy who is looking for a great place to spend his senior years.

Like some other white animals, Wally might have a bit of a hearing problem, but that certainly doesn’t affect the workings of his wonderful heart. It just means he needs a little bit of understanding.

Stop by the Humane Rescue Alliance’s Oglethorpe Street Adoption Center to meet Wally and see how special this handsome boy is. If you’re over 50 and decide Wally is the feline friend for you, his adoption fee will be waived as part of the Boomers’ Buddies program.