Pennsylvania Avenue bridge reopens to westbound traffic after months of closure

The Pennsylvania Avenue bridge links Georgetown and the West End. (Brian Kapur/The Current/November 2016)

The Pennsylvania Avenue NW bridge over Rock Creek Park is due to reopen today to westbound traffic after 200 days of construction-related closure, the D.C. Department of Transportation announced Tuesday.

Since May, drivers heading from the West End into Georgetown have been detoured via 26th and M streets NW. Starting today, the bridge will once again carry two lanes of westbound traffic and three lanes of eastbound traffic. Parking restrictions will be lifted along 26th Street, which will revert to two-way traffic instead of going one-way northbound, according to a news release. And Metrobus will return to pre-construction routes and stops.

Construction-related parking restrictions will remain in place on Pennsylvania Avenue and the bridge’s southern sidewalk will remain closed as workers finish up the project. The Transportation Department may also temporarily close lanes outside of rush hour until completing work in March. The bridge had been deemed “structurally deficient,” having suffered fire damage, and sometimes shed chunks of concrete.