OLV youth confirmed, Sheridan second graders speak spanish


Our Lady of Victory youth receive the sacrament of confirmation. Image courtesy: OLV

47 OLV youth receive the sacrament of confirmation

by Eliza E. & Frankie F., Our Lady of Victory eighth-graders

On Saturday February 16th, 47 seventh and eighth graders from Our Lady of Victory School and religious education program received the sacrament of Confirmation. We had a rehearsal in the morning where we met other comfirmandee over bagels and juice. We then moved into the church with our sponsors where we went over everything we were supposed to do later, during the mass. After we went over the parts of the mass, we were offered the opportunity to have Reconciliation. Then we all went home to get ready for our Confirmation.

When we proceeded down the aisle in our bright red robes, four eighth grade cantors and one of the sponsors sang wonderfully, introducing each of our Saint names. When it was time for the homily, the bishop asked all the confirmandee questions, but he asked for two volunteers to be the main people to answer. Two eighth graders, Jack S. and Scarlet K., volunteered and did a fantastic job answering all the questions that came their way. With the eyes of the church congregation on all of us, we proceeded down the aisle with our sponsors for the anointing with oil.

It was one of the greatest experiences, and everyone really felt a true connection with God. After the mass we all went over to the auditorium and had some food. Many of our classmates, family members, and teachers congratulated us. Everyone at O.L.V. was very proud of the Confirmandees.


A Day in the Life of 2nd Grade Spanish

by Sheridan 2nd Graders

When we first come into the Spanish classroom, we participate in a mindfulness video. After the mindfulness exercise, we switch to speaking in all Spanish. Then we greet and ask each other, “How are you?” After that, we check the calendar where we include everyone’s birthdays, count how many days we have been in school, and review the schedule for the day.

After calendar time, we often start the class with a game, where we review or practice what we have learned. We are excited to come to the Spanish class so we can play all of the games!

Then, we usually create a project or show our learning through writing or drawing. Sometimes, at the end of the class, we watch a puppet video in Spanish while we work on our projects!

Right now we are learning about the numbers 100 – 1000 in Spanish and talking about the things we like to do in the Winter. We’ve learned phrases such as I like to play in the snow, I like making a snowman, and I like to go sledding. We learn so many things in Spanish, from songs in Spanish like ¨Bate, Bate, Chocolate¨ and ¨Vamos a la Mar¨, to holidays from different cultures around the world. We love reading and making books about them!

We have learned the words in Spanish to talk about the cycle of water and the states of matter. This is really helpful for us because we are studying these things in our Science class too!