Notes from the ANC 3C Meeting from the Week of 4/15/19


Commissioners of the ANC 3C – Cathedral Heights/Woodley Park – meet on April 15th. Image credit: Tori Powell

ANC 3C – Cathedral Heights/Woodley Park

At the April 15th Meeting:

* Commissioner Nancy MacWood said there will be an Office of the Attorney General event Tuesday, April 23rd at 6pm at The Old Council Chambers to celebrate DC students who have submitted essays for the “Do the Right Thing” challenge. This is a national essay contest geared towards reducing gun violence.

* Commissioner Nancy MacWood said the DC Fire and Emergency Medical Services Department has launched the second phase of their “Right Care, Right Now” program which is put in place to improve patient care outcomes and to preserve resources. MacWood said information will be posted on soon.

* Commissioner Lee Brian Reba said The Cleveland and Woodley Park Village is hosting its 5th annual Spring Fling event Thursday, May 2nd at The Kennedy Warren from 6:30pm to 9:30pm. He said more information will be posted on soon.

*The commission voted unanimously to support liquor licenses for what Commissioner Nancy MacWood said was a “long list of restaurants.” She said no issues were raised against any restaurants featured on the consent calendar.

* Supervisory Civil Engineer Zahara Dorriz of the District Department of Transportation (DDOT) provided updates to the Connecticut Avenue Streetscape and Drainage Project. She said the plan began as one phase but that two additional phases have been added because mitigation would not be complete if otherwise. She said the first phase is almost finished and that construction will take two years to complete.

A resident said the project map is not representative of reality and asked DDOT representatives to actually visit the site. Another resident mentioned concerns with the Metro Transit system not complying with the west side of Connecticut Avenue’s drainage plans and asked to have sidewalks back. Another resident said major drainage issues have been ongoing for 6 years and said they were worried about this plan.

Dorriz said DDOT is still looking for phase 2 and 3 funding. She mentioned that DDOT did not ask for funding in the District’s last fiscal budget because of an awareness that the money would not be spent immediately. A resident said that the District Department of Transportation is working backwards on this project and that funding should be sought first. Commissioner Nancy MacWood agreed with this resident’s statement.

Dorriz said DDOT still has to contact the Department of Parks and Services but that she is confident that they will approve this project. When Commissioner Robert “Beau” Finley asked Dorriz what will be done if the Department of Parks and Services does not approve the project, Dorriz said she is unsure because this is as far as DDOT has planned.

Dorriz said the District Department of Transportation will not be collaborating with DC Water because DC Water is a different division. Dorriz said that WMATA has no funding available for this matter and that they historically have been ‘picky with what they involve themselves in.’ Dorriz said she hopes phase two does not take as long as phase one.

Macwood urged the District Department of Transportation to begin planning a public forum soon as this is a controversial topic.

* The commission voted 5/3 in support of a concept approval consideration of a Historic Preservation Review Board Application on 3401 Lowell Street NW. The architect of the property said he is trying to create a middle ground that includes every commissioner’s insight.

Commissioner Jimmy Dubois said that historic preservation should be prioritized at all costs. Commissioner Robert “Beau” Finley proposed an amendment to this project that removed the lowering of a bay window to which only three commissioners also supported.

* The commission unanimously supported the consideration of a Historic Preservation Review Board Application for concept approval on 3219 Wisconsin Avenue NW. Architect Charles Warren said he is waiting for approval from The Board of Zoning Adjustment and will be at the next Advisory Neighborhood Commission 3C meeting. Commissioner Nancy MacWood recommended Warren to review this plan once more.

* Commissioner Maureen Kinlan Boucher said there was one signature issue with a security fund check for the Advisory Neighborhood Commission 3C that will be reissued.

Commissioner Nancy MacWood said $19,000 has been stolen in an international scam from ANC funds. She said only $4,000 was repaid from the bank and the investigation continues.

Tori Powell contributed this report.