Notes from the ANC 3/4G from the Week of 4/8/19:


ANC 3/4G – Chevy Chase

At the April 8th mtg:

*Commissioner Randy Speck invited residents to attend the Chevy Chase Community Library’s facility master plan meeting on April 25th at 7pm.

*Commissioner Rebecca Maydak said a meeting for the Lafayette Park Center modernization on April 10th at 6:30 pm at the Chevy Chase Community Center will occur.

*Community Relations and Services Specialist Gabrielle Priest of Mayor Muriel Bowser’s Office of Community Relations and Services said that Mayor Bowser is to eliminate sales taxes on baby diapers. Priest said she communicated to the Council a previous recommendation that extends this elimination of sales taxes to adult diapers as well.

Priest said Mayor Muriel Bowser will attend the grand opening of The Conrad Hotel in CityCenterDC on April 9th at 6:30 pm.

Priest said last week the Mayor released the District’s first ever cultural plan to ensure equity and equality for all residents.

Priest said Mayor Bowser will also attend the Children’s National Health System for Press Conference on April 9th at 3pm.

*Director of Constituent Services Anthony Cassilo for Councilmember Mary Cheh said that the Council is currently in a budget oversight season. He said last week the council had oversight over the Department of Parks and Recreation and the Department of General Services where the hearing record is still open to testimonies. Cassilo said to submit testimonies for the Department of Parks and Recreation at [email protected]. He said to submit testimonies for the Department of General Services to [email protected]. He also said that in order to get on the District Department of Transportation witness list, email [email protected].

*The commission voted unanimously in support of a proposition brought by Commissioners Gerald Malitz and Dan Bradfield to send letters of support for two Class C liquor license renewals for the establishments, Blue 44 and the Parthenon.

*The commission voted unanimously in support of a proposition mentioned by Commissioner Christopher Fromboluti that will change parking allowances and signage on the 3700 block of Jocelyn Street NW. Fromboluti said there were no areas for parents to pick up their children in the afternoon. This proposition allows parents to park in fifteen-minute increments between 8:30am to 9:30am and 3:30pm to 4:30pm.

*Commissioner Christopher Fromboluti said he communicated with the Department of General Services about an update to the Chevy Chase Community Center modification. He said that 12 design firms have submitted projects that were reviewed on March 13th.

He said that the Department of General Services has requested six weeks to come to a conclusion between these submissions and then at that point will request an additional six weeks for negotiation purposes. Fromboli said useful information will not be available until at least the middle of June this year. He said he hopes for a design oversight committee to ensure that everything goes to plan.

*Commissioner Randy Speck said that he testified on behalf of the Advisory Neighborhood Commission at the Council’s budget hearing for the District Department of Transportation. He said that both sides of the debate were interested and engaged in elevated discussion with passion. He said this was the 13th testimony that this commission has submitted and said that they each have been well respected by the Council. Speck said he will search for updates as to what the community can expect in regard to construction for Saturday.

*The commission voted unanimously in support of a monthly online newsletter and updated website proposition for the Advisory Neighborhood Commission 3/4G to carry out. Speck said he hopes this will promote better communication between commissioners and constituents.

Commissioner Abraham Clayman said he will be in charge of it all.

A resident mentioned that a newsletter used to exist for this commission but that there were many problems with it. He asked for the commission to have strict deadlines to follow.

Commissioner Dan Bradfield suggested “a very obvious” unsubscribe feature be included within the newsletter.

Commissioner Gerald Malitz suggested that Commissioner Clayman go through the mailing list regularly and get rid of users who don’t open emails at all so that people who do not want to receive this newsletter will not.

Tori Powell contributed to this report.