Notes from the ANC 2E, 6E from the Week of 4/1/19


ANC 2E – Georgetown, Burleith, Hillandale

* Assistant U.S. Attorney Douglas Klein for the District of Columbia told the public that community impact statements are important because they can calculate societal impact. Klein said he prefers statements to be filed at least two weeks before sentencing and to only submit one statement to him from a commissioner that includes collected community concerns.

Klein requested that the community utilize video surveillance in order to protect cars and homes from theft.

* Ward 2 Liaison Amr Kotb gave several updates from Mayor Muriel Bowser’s office. He said he is aware that trash collection is off and on in Georgetown and said that his approach goes beyond filing 311 requests. He asked to be notified of any trash problems at [email protected].

Kotb said that the current bad road and sidewalk conditions are due to the substantial rainfall last year. He asked residents to personally call him along with 311.

Kotb requested the community notify his office if something within the 2020 fiscal budget of the district does not look right. He also said to notify him personally of questions on how to read the official budget.

Kotb announced that a Councilmember meet and greet will occur on April 27th at 11:30am at a location that is yet to be announced.

Kotb said a new app called DPW is available in the the GooglePlay app store. This app notifies users of where and when people can park, if a vehicle has been towed, among other parking alerts.

* Ruth Werner from Jack Evans’s office said that there have been hearings regarding the 2020 fiscal budget every day since it was released. For more information on how to testify against the budget, Werner asked to contact her at [email protected].

* Representatives from the Georgetown Heritage Canal Plan proposed free pedestrian bridges around 34th street. Currently this plan is reviewing materials to be used, maintenance, durability, cost, permeability, and aesthetic.

The representative said as funding becomes available, plans will be updated, and that more information will be available.

* Commissioner Kishan Putta said a meeting on Jellef Recreation Center’s allocation usage will occur at 6:30pm at Georgetown Library on May 8th.

* Ally Bobek of the DC Prevention Center for Wards 1 and 2 from the Department of Behavioral Health asked the community to notify the office of how drug prevention can be done, places where drug activity is active, and said she hopes to further the dialogue around drugs district-wide.

* The commission unanimously voted in support of a farm stand by Rose Park Farmer’s Market to occur later in the year.

* Aaron Goldbeck from the District Department of Transportation provided updates on a bikeshare plan that is now to be at 38th and Reservoir Road. Former Commissioner of 2E, Ed Solomon said this new bikeshare location will affect the many ambulances that go down Reservoir Road frequently. Solomon also said this area is sensitive and has to be clear at all times. He mentioned that a bikeshare on 38th and Reservoir Road will not be compliant to construction guidelines that require at least six feet of space to build.

Solomon said he went out and measured five-feet between the proposed street that Goldbeck hopes to build on.

Goldbeck will meet with Commissioner Lohse to discuss this proposition more. The commission will also meet again next month for further discussion.

* The commission unanimously voted in support to bring concerns regarding block parties to the District Department of Transportation (DDOT). Commissioner Rick Murphy said DDOT has block party permits that allow closures of certain streets at inopportune times. The commission requested advanced notice or a limitation on the District Department of Transportation’s ability to closures.

Commissioner Lisa Palmer said her constituents that are not students have not found block parties to be disruptive and said they have been reasonably orderly.

Commissioner Murphy said there is a constitutional right of block parties, so this resolution is critical of what streets to mention.

* The commission unanimously voted in support of funding to increase the DC Circulator bus route. Commissioner Lisa Palmer said this proposition is important because it allows many employees of stores in different communities to get home, will promote more public transportation usage, and will provide safety by keeping people off the streets.

* The commission voted unanimously in support for A 5K Race to Beat Cancer on September 14th.

* The commission voted unanimously in support for The Arlington Ten-Miler run on October 13th.

* The commission voted unanimously in support of keeping The Old Hardy School public to alleviate severe school overcrowding in the area. Co-Chair Brian Doyle of The Wilson Feeder Network said almost all schools are at or above capacity in this area. He said overcrowding can negatively affect boundary lines and that the issue will worsen if action is not taken.

* The commission voted unanimously in support of an amended settlement agreement regarding the addition of six townhouses as hotel property for the Rosewood Hotel.

Steve O’Brien said there will be no servicing of alcohol from the public streets and that this settlement agreement mirrors a previously approved one. A resident opposed this proposition and said his house is between the townhouses being considered for renovation. He said noise is already a problem and said he is worried this addition to the hotel will only intensify it.

Commissioner Lisa Palmer said she will review the settlement agreement proposition. The protest deadline is May 6th, so this must be addressed before the next meeting.

* The Commission voted unanimously in support of new furniture structures throughout Georgetown. Nat Cannon of The Georgetown BID said these furnishings in the public will encourage pedestrian connectivity and dispersion, economic success, and aesthetic enhancements. Cannon said signage will indicate who should use these furnishings and that The Georgetown Bid will be responsible for maintenance.

* The commission voted unanimously in support for the renewal of Ristorante Piccolo, Café Divan, La Chaumiere, and Kintaro’s Establishment Retail Class C Restaurant Licenses.

*The commission voted unanimously in support of a one-story garage renovation on 2802 P Street. Architect Natalie McCorkel asked for a special exemption for a current zoning regulation limit occupancy that is currently 60% since her proposed one is 62.95%.

A resident said previously a garage was attempted to be built here but that the turning width it allowed was too narrow. This resident also mentions that people turning on this street have repeatedly hit homes accidentally. The commission said this issue is a matter of zoning rather than design and that the commission cannot provide comment to zoning issues for this project.

* The commission voted unanimously in support of the addition of lighting structures at JP Morgan Chase Bank. Architect Jason Arasim said two or three-foot candles will help with the bank’s security and safety. The commission had no comment on designs and noted that they had been assured by Arasim that candles will be adjustable.

* The commission voted unanimously in support of SweetGreen to add additional outside space for customers.

ANC 6E  – LeDroit Park

* Captain Han Kim said that crime has increased in Police Districts 1D, 3D, and 5D over the last month. Theft from auto was incredibly prevalent within this area. Kim said there have been many drug complaints in this area as well.

He mentioned that a large fight broke out recently involving college-aged kids with loud noises and violence around the 600 Block on Rhode Island Avenue. There were no reported gunshots. He said the Department of Consumer and Regulatory Affairs will send a representative to the area for research and more information.

Commissioner Rachelle Nigro said homelessness and drug activity is constantly present on Kirby Street and requested more enforcement around this area. Commissioner Nigro also asked for more enforcement around the Dunbar area because many juveniles consistently occupy it.

* The commission voted unanimously in approval for a renewed class C alcohol license for establishments at the following locations: 919 5 th St. NW, 465 K St. NW, 650 K St. NW, 1005 7 th St. NW, 1501 9 th St. NW, 1544 9 th St NW, 1550 7 th St. NW, 1700 New Jersey Ave. NW.

* The commission voted unanimously in support of a valet staging area zone application on 476 K St. NW. A representative from Cloakroom Gentleman’s Club said this same permit was previously approved and requested to renew it. Commissioner Alexander Padro provided support as long as the establishment respects the time limits outlined within the application.

* The commission voted unanimously in support of Springfield Baptist Church to have a“Backpack Blessing” on July 31st for underprivileged children at The KennedyPlayground from 3pm to 6pm. Commissioner Nigro said this is a great event that happens every year.

* The commission voted unanimously in support of a Board of Zoning Adjustment application for the addition of two stories in the back of an establishment on 1128 6th St. NW. The commission also voted for an amended Historic Preservation Review Board application with the consideration of a third-floor metal piece being painted a color that matches its surroundings.

Commissioner Rachelle Nigro said she was concerned with what will be seen from the street. Architects Elena and Shanoor assured the public that construction will not be visible from the street.

* The commission voted unanimously in support of a Board of Zoning Adjustment application on 1005 P St NW. Representatives said that renovations on the third floor are being requested on an existing non-conforming structure that will not increase occupancy. Commissioner Alexander Padro said that this renovation is modest.

* The commission voted unanimously in support of a public space application on 508 K St. NW. Representatives from Douglass Development sought support for an 8-foot projection canopy into public space. The representative mentioned that approval from the District Department of Transportation is still needed in order to proceed. Commissioner Alex Marriott said he is concerned with fencing included in this proposed plan. He requested a wood fencing structure be put up where murals can potentially be painted so that construction will not be aesthetically unappealing. The representative from Douglass Development said he will take this suggestion into consideration.

* Alex Lopez is the new chair of the Transportation Committee. Lopez encouraged the public to attend monthly meetings that occur on the last Tuesday of every month from 6pm to 7pm at the Shaw Library.

* Commissioner Alexander Padro appointed Commissioner Rachelle Nigro as Secretary of the Advisory Neighborhood Commission.

Tori Powell contributed to this report.