Northwest’s top five coffee shops for teleworking

Bourbon coffee is located on 2101 L St NW. Photo courtesy of MS Broudy.

By: MS Broudy

Coffee shops aren’t just for coffee. They are places to hang out, hold meetings, and do work. As a writer, I spend a lot of time working in coffee shops. When you work in a coffee shop, you are looking for a different experience than someone who is simply looking for a great cup of coffee. I included a criteria to determine if a coffee shop is a good environment for teleworking.   

The Criteria

  • Enough room
  • Enough tables for working
  • Food  
  • At least one bathroom
  • Free WiFi
  • Considered a coffee house  
  • Coffee shop chains 
  • Coffee shops in northwest 

Top five coffee shops

1) Tryst 2459 18th St NW Adams Morgan

Tryst is big. It skirts the boundary between a coffee shop and a restaurant, but it feels like a coffee shop. Tryst likes to lower the lights after 5:00 p.m., and it feels more like a lounge. It can accommodate a lot of people, too. This coffee shop has tables and comfy couches. Tryst has table service, but you can still hang out for hours. And if you want beverages other than coffee, Tryst has a full bar that serves alcohol. There’s also dependable WiFi. It has a nice outdoor seating section, too. Tryst has character, history, and covers all the bases.

2) Potter’s House 1658 Columbia Rd NW Adams Morgan

Potter’s House feels like a coffee shop. It has books on the walls and rustic-looking wooden tables. It is pretty spacious and usually crowded. But the place never feels overcrowded. Indeed, there’s free WiFi. It also has a decent amount of outdoor seating and is making an effort to be dog-friendly. Overall, Potter’s House is a good atmosphere to work in, especially during the week.

3) Emissary 2032 P St NW Dupont Circle

Emissary has three rooms: a coffee bar, a wine bar, and a lounge. The coffee bar has a classic-coffee-shop feel. The exposed brick gives it some character. The wine bar has wooden chairs and benches. And the lounge features a full bar, cushy couches, and chairs. Emissary has an identity crisis, but it is pretty good for teleworking.

If your job involves teleworking, Emissary is a great coffee shop to work from. Photo courtesy of MS Broudy.

The shop is normally crowded, but there’s a lot of space in each room. Emissary provides outside seating and free Wifi. You can only use a laptop in the coffee bar after 5:00 p.m.  

4) La Pop 1847 Columbia Rd NW Adams Morgan

La Pop is a subterranean coffee shop. It has a loungy vibe to address the lack of natural light. This coffee shop serves wine, coffee, and tea. Indeed, La Pop is definitely a chic coffee shop.

La Pop has a loungy vibe. Photo courtesy of MS Broudy.

Unfortunately, the loungy feel comes with higher prices. I purchased a green tea that was $5, which is expensive for a tea bag and water. La Pop has some baked goods. The lunch is furnished by Lapis, the excellent Afghan restaurant above. It’s empty during the weekdays. La Pop has two nice bathrooms, too. I really like the feel of the place, but I wish it was a bit cheaper.

5) Bourbon Coffee 2101 L St NW. Foggy Bottom

This is a small national chain, but it has some character. The coffee is sourced from Rwanda, and the space has an African decor. This location is big and has some good workspace. However, it’s crowded during the week. And there are only has a few outdoor tables. Bourbon Coffee serves sandwiches, smoothies, and pastries. And the food is tasty.