New sweet shop coming to Petworth’s Upshur Street

Lulabelle's Sweet Shop is coming to 847 Upshur St. NW. (Brian Kapur/The Current/August 2017)

Every street deserves a sweet shop. That was the thinking behind Lulabelle’s Sweet Shop, which will open at 847 Upshur St. NW this fall.

The new store is something of a partnership between two existing Northwest establishments: Willow, also located on Upshur Street, and Mount Pleasant’s Each Peach Market.

Willow is located at 843 Upshur St. NW. (photo courtesy of Willow)

Julie Wineinger is the owner of Willow, a clothing, home and gift store.

“We’ve always had people come in for birthday parties or housewarmings and they always want bakery items, but the space isn’t big enough,” Wineinger said. “We tried hard for a couple of years to get a lease on a new building.”

Along with housemade candies and sweets from Willow, Lulabelle’s will also feature bakery items from Each Peach Market, which currently sells fresh produce and local goods, as well as sandwiches and bakery items.

Lulabelle’s was born out of a conversation between Wineinger and Each Peach owner Emily Friedberg. Friedberg said she always had her eye on Upshur Street and was quick to jump on the opportunity when Wineinger proposed the collaboration to her.

“We felt like [our stores] have complementary aesthetics and brands,” Friedberg said. “And Each Peach will be using the kitchen for making housemade items like brownies and cupcakes.”

Each Peach Market is collaborating on the new Lulabelle’s Sweet Shop. (photo courtesy of Each Peach Market)

Ice cream will be one of the premier food items sold at Lulabelle’s. According to Wineinger, an ice cream shop is always at the top of Petworth residents’ wish lists of what they would like to see on Upshur, so she is eager to finally meet their wishes.

“We also don’t have many gifts for 5- to 12-year-olds,” Wineinger said. “So I’m excited to do more with that and also to be able to now do food-related gifts.”

Paola Nazati, a photographer for Willow, said she’s thrilled that Upshur Street will have a store that will meet so many people’s needs.

“We haven’t had anything open during the day on Upshur,” she said. “I’m excited to walk down Upshur and know there’s a place to go for ice cream and delicious foods, and then Willow will be right down the street.”

“Lulabelle” comes from the nickname Wineinger’s grandfather called her grandmother. Friedberg said they will strive to uphold the standards of Each Peach Market in their new store.

“We have a huge demand for made-to-order salads, soups and sandwiches,” she said. “And we want to remain true to the quality we have now.”