Milder winter shortened ‘Potholepalooza,’ agency says

D.C. officials kicked off the 2016 Potholepalooza in the 3200 block of Brandywine Street NW. (Brian Kapur/The Current/April 2016)

“Potholepalooza,” the ninth annual four-week campaign aiming to expedite the repairs of local roadways, handled 1,200 service requests and filled more than 7,600 potholes, the D.C. Department of Transportation announced last Thursday.

While that figure represents a sharp decline from the 16,760 potholes repaired during 2016’s longer six-week campaign, D.C. Department of Transportation spokesperson Maura Danehey told The Current that the milder winter resulted in fewer potholes on local streets. Last year’s Palooza spanned two additional weeks because the harsher winter resulted in greater damage, she said.

This year, the agency had access to four new “Hot Boxes,” which recycle asphalt and allowed for more efficient pothole repairs, according to a release.

During Potholepalooza, crews aim to reduce response times to roadway damage from 72 hours to 48. Although the campaign concluded April 28, residents and commuters can continue to alert the city to potholes by phoning 311, visiting or using the DC311 mobile application.