Letter to the Editor: What does age have to do with it?

(rendering courtesy of Sunrise Senior Living)

Judy Chesser’s comments (Sunrise project now “in developer’s court,” The Current, Jan. 31, 2018,) left me awe struck.

In the article, which is about how the Wisconsin Avenue Baptist Church is partnering with Sunrise Senior living to build a senior living facility in Tenleytown, Ms. Chesser is quoted as saying, “It’s a four-story building in a neighborhood of two-story houses – essentially more than 100 residents over 60 in a residential neighborhood.”

Wait a moment, Ms. Chesser, it’s one thing to object to a four-story building, but quite another to object to people over 60. Really?  On the other hand, perhaps I see your point. After all, we who are over 60 can be quite a nuisance in a residential neighborhood. You need look no further than our daily routine. We like to take walks around the neighborhood when most others are at work. We are quick to spot and report suspicious activity. We pick up litter, throw away trash, and we actually say “good morning” to passersby. We patronize neighborhood small businesses. And when we drive, we tend not to speed and actually stop at stop signs.

I think you get my point Ms. Chesser. Object all you want to four-story buildings (four-story buildings?), but there is no place for ageism in any discussion – zoning or otherwise.

Stephen Gardner, Berkeley/Palisades