Letter to the Editor: We must learn how to lose, show character


I have been in sports all my life, even making the National Soccer Hall of Fame in 1996. Sports taught me lessons in life that have stayed with me for over 80 years.

Winning is easy with good feelings, a sense of a job well done, and great teamwork! Losing is difficult, but it is part of life.

[St. John’s] Coach [Patrick] Behan and his boys, in losing the statewide basketball title to Wilson High School, showed poor judgment and insensitivity in not staying to shake the Wilson boys’ hands after their title match.   

We cannot always win in life, and how we lose affects our character and how others see us in life. Losing should be acknowledged, and we should learn to go on, learning from each situation. 

Do better with your boys next time, Coach.

Len Oliver
National Soccer Hall-of-Famer (1996)