Letter to the Editor: Washington Home grows hospice care

The nonprofit provides hospice services and in-home elderly care. (photo courtesy of Washington Home & Community Hospices)

As more and more seriously ill people want to spend their final days at home with the people and the pets they love, the team here at The Washington Home & Community Hospices is working earnestly to do all we can to make those wishes come true.

This spring, we honored a very special segment of our hospice team — our ever-supportive volunteers, including Rep. Tom Reed, R-N.Y., who shared insight into his experience as a hospice volunteer. National Volunteer Week may come only once a year, but our appreciation for our volunteers spans eternity.

In December 2016, our organization closed the nursing home portion of our services to focus on expanding our hospice care. We’re exceedingly grateful for the work of our entire team who made sure that all residents of The Washington Home were successfully relocated to be with their families, or to area nursing homes nearby. We’ve sold our Upton Street NW property to the neighboring Sidwell Friends School, which has agreed to let our hospice care operations and our inpatient unit — Williams House — stay in place until our next steps are confirmed.

We’d like to assure our neighbors that we will remain good stewards of the land and will continue to uphold the great standards and traditions of the community.

Over the past 128 years, our organization has evolved from a six-room house without electricity or running water to a powerhouse that has provided hospice care for thousands of men and women.

With renewed vigor, we have been working hard to ensure our efforts and resources are directed to our hospice patients and the support of their families, as well as retaining, training and hiring the best clinical team. We have right-sized our administration and are looking at each and every expenditure to confirm that it strengthens our quality of care.

Our hospice has been steadily growing since the beginning of this year, and we want to thank all of the medical professionals, community members, our patients and their families for the continued trust in our hospice services.

Every person in the final stages of life deserves compassion and our best care. And here at The Washington Home & Community Hospices, we stand by our name — where our “community” comes first. Please know that our doors are always open to you! If you’re looking for volunteer opportunities, look no further as we’re always welcoming new volunteers for Williams House and for our hospice patients at home.

Onward we journey, enhancing our mission and expanding our vision.

Phyllis Dillinger, Chief Operating Officer and Chief Financial Officer, The Washington Home & Community Hospices