Letter to the Editor: Wardman Tower project didn’t respect magnificent interiors

The famed building at 2660 Connecticut Ave. now houses 32 opulent condo units. (photo courtesy of the JBG Cos.)

Wardman Tower was not simply modernized on the interior, as The Current reports [“Wardman Tower debuts large-scale restoration,” Nov. 29]. The magnificent floor plans and details have been obliterated.

The 1928 building was designed by Mihran Mesrobian — Harry Wardman’s best architect and one of the most accomplished Washington architects of the 1920s through the 1950s. Among hundreds of buildings that he designed for Wardman are the Hay-Adams and the Carlton (now St. Regis) hotels.

It is ironic that pre-World War II apartments in New York City command premier prices while Deborah Berke, a New York architect, mutilated one of our city’s best pre-World War II apartment buildings.

Sally L. Berk, Washington, D.C.