Letter to the Editor: Ward 3 may need center for seniors


In response to Jay Thal’s June 26 letter “Chevy Chase center should serve seniors,” I often wonder why there is no senior citizen center in Ward 3. I have older family members living throughout the District, and all of them have a senior center nearby where they have many activities and resources for senior citizens. These centers offer a variety of useful and wonderful activities for those of us in our later years.

But I live here in Ward 3 with the greatest number of seniors in D.C., and there is no senior center. In six of the seven other wards in Washington, the D.C. Office on Aging runs wellness centers that provide seniors with an opportunity to engage with their peers and to get needed information, resources and assistance on things that are unique to this aging population.

It might be nice to have a center in Ward 3. I would not want to waste government funds if there is not enough interest, so what if a survey were done to see if this is something wanted by the majority of residents here in Ward 3? I vote “yes”!

Denise Cherry, Washington, D.C.