Letter to the Editor: The Klingle Valley Trail and its beauty

The Klingel Valley Trail is a beautiful place to go for a stroll. (photo courtesy of Greater Greater Washington.org)

I’m a new D.C. resident, having recently moved from Brooklyn. First of all, I really enjoy reading The Current, as it has helped me orient myself geographically and psychologically in my new home.

Second, it is hard to believe the amount of negative criticism directed at the Klingle Valley Trail. It is a treasure, as anyone who has run, walked or biked on it while the leaves flutter down must recognize.

Bent Flyvbjerg at Oxford University’s Centre for Major Programme Management has found that about 90 percent of significant infrastructure projects globally go substantially over budget by an average of 28 percent. The budget/deadline prediction problem is not unique to any one project. That’s a separate problem. Why not focus on that gem of a trail? It is convenient for bike and foot transportation, and it is wonderfully meditative.

Not that it matters, but in 2015 I was chosen by Runner’s World as one of the 50 most influential people in the running world. As an avid runner, a 0.7-mile steady uphill path that is well-lit is interval central when the days get short. It is not just a path; it’s a public health tool. I’m happy to take complainers for a fun and rigorous workout using nothing more than the Klingle Valley Trail.

David Epstein, Washington, D.C.