Letter to the Editor: Superfresh proposal is inappropriate for low-scale AU Park

The Ladybird project would include a grocery store below apartments on Yuma Street NW. (rendering courtesy of Valor Development)

Recent letters to the editor about the proposed Superfresh development completely missed the point. This development site is entirely within American University Park. None of Massachusetts Avenue is part of AU Park.

The site will and should be redeveloped, but the Valor Development proposal is and always has been totally out of scale with the quiet residential neighborhood of AU Park:

AU Park now has no apartment buildings. An increase of 200 or more apartments would be a huge disruption here!

There are now no buildings in AU Park more than three stories high. Almost all are one or two stories. A seven-story building would be another huge disruption here!

Then there are serious traffic, air pollution and parking concerns with Valor’s plans. No wonder there is a forest of “No Massive Development at Super Fresh” signs within a few blocks of the site.

Planning for Massachusetts Avenue should be done by those connected to Massachusetts Avenue, but Massachusetts Avenue interest groups should not be allowed to impose their interests on AU Park residents.

It is curious that two very similar letters to The Current promoting a joint Massachusetts Avenue-Superfresh development came from apparent American University Park residents. Do they have some interest in Massachusetts Avenue development or represent others having such interests?

Robert L. York, American University Park