Letter to the Editor: Struggling parks agency shouldn’t take on a pool at Hearst

Plans for a pool at Hearst Park have sparked debate in the community. (Brian Kapur/The Current/March 2017)

Recent articles and comments regarding reduction in services and poor performance by the D.C. Department of Parks and Recreation officials at various locations here in Northwest Washington are prime indications why construction of an outdoor swimming pool at Hearst Park needs to be scrapped.

In addition to the current cutbacks and problems at Chevy Chase Community Center and Guy Mason Recreation Center, there are intermittent issues with the maintenance, security and scheduling at the Wilson indoor swimming pool. We cannot afford to lose any more green space to ill-conceived and poorly planned development concepts that will never be properly maintained and are not cost-effective.

It is noticed that there hasn’t been commentary regarding any recent discussions about proposed space in the Ward 3 area for a viable senior center.

Dee Foscherari, Van Ness/Forest Hills