Letter to the Editor: Sidewalk dangers

Mayor Muriel Bowser, center, was among the officials to experiment with permeable pavement installed in Brightwood. (photo courtesy of the D.C. Water and Sewer Authority)

On the evening of Dec. 5, I was walking on the north side of the 3700 block of Cathedral Avenue NW when I fell, hitting my forehead directly on the pavement. There had been rain that evening, and the leaves were scattered across the sidewalk, making it difficult to see any defect in the sidewalk. I was walking on the curb side of the sidewalk. Lying prone on the pavement, I could have suffered greater injury than I did.

When I inspected the pavement the next day, the slab on which I obviously tripped is 2.5 inches higher than the preceding one at the curb end of the sidewalk. This is a danger that has caught others, as I have found when I related my explanation to the questions people asked of why I was substantially bruised.

This hazard needs to be addressed immediately before more serious harm is suffered as people walk on the public sidewalk.

David Brown, Cathedral Heights