Letter to the Editor: Palisades Boy Scout troop collects Harvey donations

Boy Scout Troop 61 is based in the Palisades Community Church. (photo courtesy of Troop 61)

My son, Zach Blumenfeld, organized a fundraiser for his Boy Scout troop to raise funds for animals in need of shelter due to Hurricane Harvey.

This past Sunday, Troop 61 hosted a table at the Palisades Farmers Market and because of the generosity of the community, the troop raised $1,045 for the Houston Humane Society’s Hurricane Harvey Fund. The troop has been invited back for next Sunday’s farmers market, so if anyone didn’t have an opportunity to help these animals, there is still another chance.

Troop 61, which meets at the Palisades Community Church, has been around for more than 70 years and has D.C., Virginia and Maryland members. The troop is very grateful to all who have supported their efforts over the years, including helping the displaced pets in Texas.

Liz Blumenfeld, The Palisades