Letter to the Editor: Lab School pool is a community amenity that shouldn’t be removed

The school plans to replace its swimming pool with a theater. (Brian Kapur/The Current/March 2017)

As a nearby neighbor who has used the Lab School pool for exercise, I shall be sad to see it turned into a theater. Lab already has a theater, and there is room to expand it if the school wishes. In hindsight, the “public comment” meetings were a charade, with no sincerity behind them. Over 600 people signed a community petition to keep the pool, but the decision was foregone.

This would not be quite as galling if the Lab students (and other youth swim teams, and the community) didn’t need the pool for their own exercise. Swimming is a lifelong activity, unlike many other youth sports. It has proven value for helping students with academic challenges keep their focus during subsequent classes. I am sure that theater has value, too, but to destroy one to enhance the other is nonsense. They need both.

Steve Waller, The Palisades