Letter to the Editor: Kennedy Center has never had waterfront access

The Kennedy Center sits along the Potomac River in Foggy Bottom. (photo by Wikipedia user Tom)

The Current’s Nov. 1 issue included an article about a proposal to build a new bypass for the Rock Creek and Potomac Parkway to “restore the Kennedy Center waterfront for public use.”

“Restore” implies that the proposal would recover a capability that once existed but has been lost. Given that the Rock Creek Parkway was built in the 1930s, while the Kennedy Center wasn’t built until the late 1960s (it opened in 1971), the Kennedy Center never had a waterfront.

For the record, the Kennedy Center and the Watergate complex (also built in the 1960s) were built on land formerly occupied by the Christian Heurich brewery, which was torn down in 1962.

K.W. Lackie, Barnaby Woods