Letter to the Editor: Georgetown residents must respect local character

Many Georgetown streetscapes are notable for their trees and historic buildings. (Brian Kapur/The Current/June 2017)

As a longtime Georgetowner, I want to protest residents who appear to have no respect for what we have here. Are they really so oblivious that they think it it’s just fine to put a large clunky addition on a small row house, creating something that is not just inappropriate but that blocks off their neighbors’ light and air? Case in point is the proposed construction in the 2700 block of O Street NW.

The world has changed since D.C. officials felt they needed to get families to stay in the city at all costs.

Now, people want to live in D.C. — the suburbs are seen as both dull and a traffic nightmare. Nowadays, what we should care about preserving is green space, the little that remains. It is time D.C. said “no” to all the Georgetowners who want to punch their footprint out a bit, build that big family room, add the cathedral ceiling and go for a his-and-hers set of bathrooms.

It is time for the mindset to change. Georgetown needs more trees and fewer big buildings on small lots, and that’s going to take leadership.

What’s important in Georgetown is what we have now. We should take care of it. Appreciate it.

Edith Schafer, Georgetown