Letter to the Editor: Foxhall/Palisades having mail troubles

Complaints have arisen about slow mail service in some parts of the District. (Zoe Morgan/The Current/January 2018)

After reading your editorial in the 12/20 edition, I would like to add Foxhall/Palisades to the list of poorly served neighborhoods. Packages are shown as delivered even if they haven’t been (Amazon is very well aware of the problem) or are delivered to the wrong address. Some days mail isn’t delivered at all or never shows up.

I recommend everyone sign up for USPS Informed Delivery, so at least you know what you aren’t receiving. The supervisors of carriers for my route do not seem to care any more than the carriers do. I have written to D.C. Postmaster Gerald Roane and am hoping he will recognize the problem and find a solution. I am still awaiting a response. In the meantime, if anyone gets mail that doesn’t belong to them, please leave it out for re-delivery, or, if possible, contact the correct recipient.

This is not, as the editorial stated, a “seeming decline in service,” but a real and serious decline and should not be tolerated.

Deborah Weinberger, Palisades