Letter to the Editor: Chevy Chase group should repair fountain first

Although the current project lacks funding to repair the no-longer-working fountain, Chevy Chase Circle is slated for upgraded benches via a National Park Service matching grant. (Brian Kapur/The Current/August 2015)

The Friends of Chevy Chase Circle group is to be commended for matching the funds dribbled out by the National Park Service; however, I don’t believe they should proceed as outlined in The Current’s Aug. 9 article “Northwest parks secure centennial grant funds.” Rather, we would all be better served if the combined cash were used to raise the estimated $500,000 needed to repair the fountain.

When the fountain works, there will be reason to brave traffic to sit on the benches.

Fountain first; then roadwork, including a special light to enable safe crossing; then benches. Not the other way around.

There are several developers and large property owners operating near the District-Maryland line to whom the cost of fountain repairs is a rounding error, and I am certain that publicity for making this contribution to the community would be valuable to them.

Leni Berliner, Chevy Chase