Kelly Bell Band gives crowd-pleasing performance at Cathedral Commons Concert Series

Photo Courtesy of Amanda Menas.

By: Amanda Menas

The Kelly Bell Band stole the show at the last monthly Cathedral Commons Concert Series of the season.

Surrounded by tents hosting local shops, troths of young families, students, and long-time neighbors came together to enjoy food and music. When the event began early in the evening, the face-painting tent was at the top of the to-do list for the under-11 crowd.

Their next stop was the bike tent, hosted by Giant which held their attention for hours. Having been a hit in the previous months, the goal of the bicycle company was to increase mobility and the number of bikes in the neighborhood, according to one of the representatives.

Due to weather, the previous two events were canceled, which decreased turnout slightly, but the energy of the evening lasted through the entire event.

“They have something for everybody,” said Valerie Dugan, owner of The Grilled Oyster, speaking about the Kelly Bell Band and the event at large. The Grilled Oyster held the liquor license for the event and worked closely with Bozzuto to create the event for a third year. The restaurant’s tent was one of the busiest of the evening, with a constant line of attendees waiting for drinks, specialty hotdogs, and of course oysters.

Raku, CVS, Paisano’s, and Stella&Dot each had tents to sell food, jewelry, or other products and promote their store locations which were within blocks of the block party. Another popular stop was Silver’s, which was celebrating their first anniversary and was offering a raffle for a dessert with entrée special.

From the young kids who were able to recognize and request songs by the end of the night, to the American University students who taught dance moves in front of the stage, the Kelly Bell Band was able to bring the entire audience together. Lead singer Kelly Bell, a DC native, called on a young fan who suggested they end the show with their song “Home Grown,” fitting the theme of the evening perfectly.

When the event ended, Bell sang an a capella song to audience member’s cheers.

The next event held in the area will be the annual tree lighting on November 3, but if neighbors are looking to hear more of the band’s “phat blues music” they are playing in the DMV as early as Sunday. Their 14th album will come out just after the holiday season.