Keely Wells and her third-grade students share their excitement about school year

Photo courtesy of Lafayette Elementary School.

Now that summer is officially over, class is finally back in session. Keely Wells, a third-grade teacher at Lafayette Elementary School, expressed her excitement about this school year with The Current Newspapers. And guess what? Her students are just as thrilled as she is. So, they all decided to share their excitement with you. These statements should fill your heart with joy.

Ms. WellsMy mission as a teacher is to make my students feel successful and important. I strive to cultivate an environment in which students are as excited about learning as I am about teaching. Ultimately, I want to encourage and motivate students to believe they can accomplish anything they set their minds to.

Elizabeth BurkeI’m excited about reading more challenging books that have 30 chapters. I love to read because I will learn new words. I am also excited to learn more challenging math like division, multiplication, addition, and subtraction.

Rizal CarrilloI am excited about division because it interests me. I am also excited about language arts because I can build my vocabulary.

Christopher: I’m excited about doing a lot of reading because I like to read the whole time, stay in one spot, and read quietly. I’m also excited about discussing Accountable Talk because I think it’s great to be polite.

Riley CoccoI am excited about music because you get to carry around recorders and learn how to play them! I am excited about field day because I get to play fun games and play with my friends!

Elias Cohen: I am excited for DC Café because I heard it’s fun. I am looking forward to book reports. They must be fun.

Maura CohenI am excited about book reports because I enjoy reading new books and telling other people about them. I am also excited about fractions because I love learning new skills in math!

Andre DesantisI’m excited about having a new teacher. I am also excited about seeing Lilly every day.

Josiah EneyI’m excited about book reports because I love reading and writing and showing people things. I’m also excited about field trips because it’s really fun to take a break from school. Also, my parents can come with me.

Aiden FergusonI’m excited about work, homework, and cursive! Cursive is my favorite because I’ve been in a school called Francafone.

Dhariya KravitzI am excited about math because I want to learn division. I am also excited about writing because I want to learn cursive.

Nuala Lyster: I can’t wait for DC Café. And I am excited about going on field trips.

MadeleineI am so excited for the DC Theater Café. When I saw my older sister do it, I was like, “Okay, I’m doing that!” I am also really excited to write because I was named Poet Laureate in my last class (I don’t like to brag). And I was probably the second-best.

Stacia Shama ManningI’m excited about learning cursive because I have always had neat handwriting. Now, I can show Ms. Wells my handwriting. I’m really excited about algebra because I love math and challenges.

Luther McClintonI’m excited about geometry and division because I love shapes, especially round ones. I’m also excited about fractions because I like division.

NikolaosI am excited about the third grade because we have “me bags”. I am also excited because we learn other things besides math.

Leo PeilI am excited about DC Theater Café because they have potato chips, pizza, chocolate chip cookies, and lemonade! I am also excited about ST Math because I was the first one to complete ST Math. I give thanks to my dad.

Dakota PriceMs. Wells is cool, awesome, and nice!! Why do you ask? She is the coolest teacher ever!!! I liked the cup tower project so much!! Why do you ask? Because we knocked down the tower but kept trying.

Solaya RutledgeI’m excited about DC Theater Café because I love the food! Also, I’m excited about art and technology because they are my favorite specials!

Sarah SmithI am excited about learning division because my brother always tests me, and I want to be able to give him an answer someday. I am excited about doing book reports because I love writing.

Eliza WillisI’m excited about learning and doing cool science projects because I think it’s a really cool way for us to have lots of fun! I am also excited to do book reports because I love reading!