House proud: Boyce Thompson deconstructs the “Anatomy of a Great Home”

Anatomy of a Great Home by Boyce Thompson.
Anatomy of a Great Home by Boyce Thompson.

What makes a home great? And who decides what the criteria for greatness are anyway?Boyce Thompson, that’s who. Author of The New New Home, which the National Association of Real Estate Editors (NAREE) named book of the year, knows whereof he speaks. In the Anatomy of a Great Home, he identifies the 15 traits that all great homes share, regardless of style, age or location.

Among them:

– Make a personal statement (Your home should reflect your personality)

– Harmonize with nature (Honor the environment and your surroundings)

– Anticipate evolving lifestyles (Adapting and planning for changing family circumstances)

– Practice sustainability (It’s easy being green today)

– Welcome you home (No man, or house, is an island)

The book highlights fifty award-winning homes from America’s top starchitects, including such Washington, DC luminaries as Robert Gurney, Mark McInturff, Stephen Muse and Richard Williams (whose work graces the cover of the book) and tells their stories in an appealing and accessible way that all readers—from expert to newbie house hunter—can understand, appreciate and learn from.

A tour d’horizon of dream-worthy houses, Anatomy of a Great Home will enrich your imagination for years to come and provide a blueprint (and resources) for creating your very own domestic work of art.