Home Inspiration: Trends to watch in 2019

Bronze bathtub and green plant in interior design of simple bathroom with white walls. Credit: Stocksy

Pantone has chosen its color of the year: Living Coral, for its nurturing warmth and playful quality. (Not to mention a stealth reference to the health of our oceans.)

Ditto, Benjamin Moore: Metropolitan, which it describes as an “effortlessly sophisticated” shade of grey.

And in this bleak midwinter, White Flower Farm has already mailed its Spring 2019 Garden Book with luscious photos of clematis, tulips, hostas and roses.   

In other words, it’s makeover season, starting with your home. From KonMari to sustainability, here’s what the experts are predicting we’ll see in the coming months:

Closet curating: The queen of cleaning up—Marie Kondo—now has her own Netflix show where in traditional before-and-after reality TV fashion, she helps people organize their minds and houses as they assess their belongings and dispose of unnecessary stuff. Unsurprisingly, she takes a very Zen approach to honoring your home (literally thanking it for being there for you) and preserving only those items that “spark joy.” After that, it’s Organization 101 with bento-like boxes for storage and special folding techniques.

For those who prefer a slower step-by-step decluttering process, Apartment Therapy offers the January Cure, which delivers “small, manageable assignments” throughout the month (starting with drawers) along with support and accountability from the online AT community.

A mix of metallics. Old standbys like chrome and nickel are giving way to pewter, gunmetal, brass—singly and in combination—adding new luster to kitchens and baths.

Sustainability, in both sourcing and fabrication. Statement pieces that transcend trends and eco-friendly materials (linen, wood, cork) are having their moment this year. Organic shapes–think curves—and uncluttered lines are the perfect calming décor antidote to these anxious times.

Maximalism. For those who’ve had their fill of Scandi simplicity, high-design rooms with multiple textures, colors, multiple objets artfully vignetted can be the contrarian way to go. Elaborate tile backsplashes and floors, “destination bathtubs” (yes, that’s a thing), boldly patterned wallpaper and a fearless use of color are all ways to make a strong design statement.

Everything old is new again. Sometimes the best trend is no trend. Think about how you live in a particular room and how you can use what you already have to make it more efficient or more stylish. (The home improvement version of shopping your closet.) Switch up the furniture or layout, re-arrange shelves and books or bring the outside in with fresh greenery or plants. Recycle, reclaim, restyle to re-discover new joy.

Marie Kondo would approve.