District Digest Week of 3/27/19


Caption: Mayor Bowser shares priorities during the first State of the District Address of her second term. Photo courtesy: Mayor’s Office

Mayor Bowser gives first State of the District of her second term

Mayor Bowser gave her annual State of the District address on Monday, March 18th at UDC.  Among the notable key points in her remarks were a call to move DC’s primary elections from June to April; outlining budgetary priorities (in advance of releasing her budget days later); eliminating the tax on diapers (just as was done for feminine hygiene products); making DC Circulator free for all; and announcing that Congresswoman Norton has introduced legislation to fully convey RFK Stadium’s campus to the District at fair market value.

“Bus Only” traffic signals will help buses get ahead of traffic

New “bus only” traffic signals at six key intersections in the District will allow buses to proceed through the intersections before the standard traffic signals turn green, allowing the bus to proceed ahead of other vehicles. The technology, known as “queue jump,” is part of a package of improvements designed to speed bus trips and keep service on time.  The six locations where the new signals are active are:

Georgia Avenue & Columbia Road NW- Southbound; Georgia Avenue & Irving Street NW- Southbound; Georgia Avenue & Piney Branch Road NW- Southbound; New York Avenue, 11th Street & I Street NW – Northbound; 16th Street & Irving Street NW – Eastbound; and 16th & U Street NW – Northbound.

Metro to suspend weekend work during Cherry Blossom Season

A four-week suspension of almost all weekend track work will begin on Saturday, March 23, ostensibly to  allow for residents and visitors to travel during the busy Cherry Blossom season. Many of Metro’s highest ridership days occur during this time, when weekend ridership can nearly double.  Through Sunday, April 14, trains on all Metrorail lines will run at regularly scheduled intervals, departing end-of-line stations every 12 minutes on Saturdays and every 15 minutes on Sundays. At stations served by multiple lines (e.g. Downtown DC), trains will arrive every 4-7 minutes. On the Red Line, trains will run as frequently as every 6 minutes between Shady Grove and Silver Spring during daytime hours.

Sephora opening two new stores in the District

Cosmetics and skincare store Sephora has announced that it will open two new stores in the District.  One at 1701 14th St NW, in the redeveloped Whitman-Walker Health System building, being called “The Liz”, and the other will open on Washington Square at 1050 Connecticut Ave. NW.

DC Water beginning sewer investigations with ‘dye testing’

DC Water is beginning sewer investigations as part of the larger Clean Rivers Project in Georgetown.  These investigations will confirm the configuration of the existing sewer system. To this end, property owners who volunteer will help DC Water to conduct a dye test, which consists of adding non-toxic dye to plumbing fixtures and tracing this dye as it flows through pipes and sewers.  Dye testing is planned for March 20 through April 2nd.