Dispatches: Sheridan School First Grade Play, Sopa de Perla


Sheridan School first graders put on a play. Image courtesy: Sheridan School

by Maia, James and Khloe, 1st grade, Sheridan School

The play took place underwater in a Mervillage called Mermania.  The story was about three determined scuba divers named Bonnie, Manny and Jack, who want to explore the abyssal zone.  On their way, they see the village of Mermania and meet the Merpeople, including a King and Queen, a Merdoctor, and a Merbreakdancer among others.  The scuba divers offer to make pearl soup and the merpeople were curious and they helped.  What surprised the scuba divers was that the merpeople didn’t know what share meant – but the divers showed them!  

We all worked really hard to write the narrative and all the scenes of the play.  We made the set and painted houses for Mermania.  We made costumes and props for the play like flippers and air tanks.  We also made programs and posters.  We learned all our lines and the cues, too!  Some of us played instruments and we all sang a song.  The musicians wore headbands and bracelets.

Our parents came to see the play and so did all of the students and teachers at Sheridan.  We are very proud of all the hard work we put into our play.  It was so much fun!