Dispatches: Local area schools celebrate feminism, faith

Middle school girls at Sheridan School can be a part of the Female Empowerment Meeting (FEM). Photo courtesy Sheridan School

by Members of the Sheridan School Female Empowerment Meeting

Here at Sheridan School, a group of our middle school girls and faculty members are a part of the Female Empowerment Meeting (FEM). FEM started in 2016 when a few sixth and eighth grade girls wanted a safe space to discuss the topics most important to them — and usually the choice of conversation topics was spurred by the news. Women in this school wanted to take a stand and be a part of the feminist movement within our school community. In addition to the expansive dialogue that we have, FEM has done bake sales for women’s homeless shelters, organized middle school assemblies about feminism, and talked about Trump, Kavanaugh, and Weinstein.

One topic that has challenged our group is the idea of how teenage girls embody feminism. As we go about our middle school experience, being musicians, students, athletes, and everything in between, how do we also express our empowered feminists selves? FEM dove into this topic and we have found that feminism is not only an action but a state of mind. We can go about our lives being anything and everything we want to be, including feminists.

by Jack S., Our Lady of Victory Eighth-grader

Catholic Schools Week is a national celebration of Catholic education, and we use the week to recognize the importance of Catholic teaching in the world. The week of January 28th, Our Lady of Victory School celebrated this event, but this Catholic Schools Week was sprinkled with delays, early dismissals, and a snow day. Nevertheless, it was still super exciting!

While each day has a national theme, our school tends to refer to each day by the “free dress” theme. On Monday we all got to dress in our favorite sports team’s gear and middle school got to compete in a knock-out tournament! Tuesday was spirit day so everyone was head to toe in blue and white. Wednesday was supposed to be pajama day, but since we got a snow day, that has been rescheduled. Decades day was on Thursday, so OLV saw 60’s, 70’s, 80’s, 90’s and even a few 10’s styles. Finally, Friday was International Day. All the classes were assigned a country and dressed up in that country’s flag colors.

The international theme this year focused on Central and South American countries. Many students mentioned how much they appreciated the music and food samples. The eighth-graders led groups of all ages around the school visiting all the different countries. We also hosted several guest speakers and everyone enjoyed games and leadership activities. In the end this was one of the most fun-filled Catholic Schools Week ever!