D.C. students named Merit semifinalists

Wilson High School is located at 3950 Chesapeake St. NW. (Brian Kapur/The Current/September 2016)

Students at nine District schools were among the approximately 16,000 scholastically talented high school seniors nationwide named last week as semifinalists in the 62nd annual National Merit Scholarship Competition.

The semifinalists have an opportunity to continue in the competition for some 7,500 Merit Scholarship awards, worth more than $32 million. The scholarships will be awarded in the spring.

Semifinalists at District schools are:

■ Georgetown Day School: Abraham Atwood, Thomas N. Brooks, Evan J. Brown, Levi H. Freedman, Isabel L. Kirsch, Samson B. Mostashari, Benjamin G. Stern and Karen U. Thomas.
■ Georgetown Visitation Preparatory School: Mary T. Kolesar.
■ Maret School: Julius M. Ball-Heldman and Kendall Matsumoto.
■ National Cathedral School: Alex J. Giannattasio, Anna May Mott, Brett E. Pearson and Paulina Q. Song.
■ School Without Walls: Ella S. Buring and Sophia E. Diggs-Galligan.
■ Sidwell Friends School: Tala M. Anderson, Sarah K. Brodnax, William D. Chen, Rahul V. Gupta, William R. Keto, Nicole J. Kislovskiy, Ana Mundaca, Sofia Neaher, Ella C. Stark, Elen Stepanyan and Alexandra Zhang.
■ St. Albans School: William Busching, Trevor R. Child, John A. Klingler, Jonathan E. Rufino, Jayram M. Sastry, Gabriel Schneider and Griffin T. Shapiro.
■ St. John’s College High School: Camille M. Jefferson.
■ Wilson High School: Samuel A. Himmelfarb.