Comprehensive Plan update sees 3,000-plus comments

Some residents want the Comprehensive Plan to prevent large developments from imposing upon low-density communities, as critics say occurred at 5333 Connecticut Ave. NW. (Brian Kapur/The Current/April 2017)

The D.C. Office of Planning’s recent call for proposals to amend the city’s Comprehensive Plan netted more than 3,000 submissions — compared with only 200 during the previous public comment period in 2010.

According to a news release, stakeholders including advisory neighborhood commissions, civic associations, advocacy organizations and individual residents flooded the agency this spring with ideas for updating the high-level document, which guides future development for the city and was last updated in 2011. The comment period was originally scheduled to run from March 24 to May 26, but the agency responded to the high interest by extending the deadline to June 23.

“Your input is a clear sign of how engaged our residents are and reflects our DC values as an inclusive city,” Eric Shaw, director of the Office of Planning, wrote to stakeholders.

The agency will gather submissions for a draft document set for public review in the fall, with a particular focus on three types of amendments: updates to facts and figures; those that incorporate completed plans, policy documents and/or proven best practices; and new content that strengthens “Inclusive City” principles and policies. The final document will go into effect early next year after D.C. Council review.