City kicks off leaf-collection program, composts leftover pumpkins

D.C. officials discussed leaf collection and the city's new "pumpkin rescue" at a recent news conference. (photo courtesy of District government)

The District’s annual leaf-collection season began Monday and will last through Jan. 18, passing through each residential neighborhood at least twice, according to a news release.

The D.C. Department of Public Works collected jack-o’-lanterns to compost at the Glover Park-Burleith Farmers Market and other locations. (photo courtesy of D.C. government)

Residents are asked to rake leaves into tree boxes (or against the curb when there is no tree box) or place them in bags. The city mailed a collection schedule to each home and also posts it at

The District collected and composted 7,363 tons of leaves last fall and hopes to handle 8,000 tons this year, the release states.

The Department of Public Works also held a “Pumpkin Rescue” on Saturday as part of the city’s weekly Food Waste Drop-Off Program. The agency collected pumpkins at designated farmers markets, composting the carved jack-o’-lanterns and providing intact pumpkins to food-rescue groups.