Citizens Association of Georgetown: Sept. 20, 2017

The city's plan would add a bike lane on K and Water streets NW under the Whitehurst Freeway, but it would also eliminate some on-street parking. (Brian Kapur/The Current/June 2016)

Bike paths along K and Water streets NW have elicited differing opinions by residents and visitors on the waterfront. There is no consensus on what is the best way to ensure that pedestrians, bikes and automobiles do not interfere with one another along this stretch between the Capital Crescent Trail and the Rock Creek Park Trail.

One way to reach a solution would be to convene a meeting among those who have expressed their varying positions. Lisa Palmer of Advisory Neighborhood Commission 2E represents the waterfront area, and she could help the various factions reach a consensus.

Not every position will be adopted, but certainly the majority can be accommodated. Let us give it a try!

— Bob vom Eigen